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Trademark Registration – IP Australia Fee Changes

IP Australia will be making some adjustments to its Fee Schedules effective 1 October 2020.

From a trademark registration perspective, the more significant change is the increase in filing fee from $330 to $400 per class for a standard application which does not use goods/services from IP Australia’s approved pick list of items. The filing fee for an application which selects items from the approved pick list will remain at $250 per class. There is also no change in the fees for using the Headstart preliminary assessment procedure.

There are also changes to fees connected with hearings. The fee for requesting a hearing is reduced from $600 to $400. This is balanced with a fee of $800 per day for appearing in person at a hearing (increased from $600 for most hearings), or $600 per day for a hearing by telephone or video conference. There is a new fee of $400 for being heard only based on written submissions. In each case, the amount payable will be reduced by $400 where the fee for requesting a hearing has already been paid.