Trademark Registration Costs

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What others do

Many other professional firms will charge you a fixed fee for certain actions, particularly for filing a trade mark application and perhaps for reporting when that application is accepted and then sending you the certificate of registration. Other work in overcoming objections is typically charged at hourly rates. The fixed fee components typically do not have any direct relationship to the actual cost or value for providing that service. Hourly rates are commonly used where firms want to avoid taking the risk of estimating the total cost of a trade mark application, but they tend to reward inefficiencies and lack accountability.

How Selfmark adds value

Selfmark Trade Mark Attorneys  & Lawyers understands the need for predictability and certainty when it comes to professional fees. In keeping with its different approach, Selfmark will negotiate value based pricing with flexible fee structures and options to suit your needs and expectations.

As a sole practitioner business, Selfmark can pass on the benefits of low cost overheads, while offering the level of expertise and skills equivalent to that of much larger attorney firms. We take a different approach to pricing and are committed to providing sensible options which provide value to your business.

Selfmark will discuss pricing with you and give you a choice of fee structures. In most cases, fixed or capped fee packages will be available, so there will not be any billing surprises.

If you decide to file and handle your own trade mark application, the only cost will be Selfmark’s fee for providing the essential initial advice and recommended filing strategy based on an assessment of your business.

If you also require Selfmark to file the trade mark application or handle any aspect of the registration process for you, then we will provide an overview of the work required and a choice of competitive fee structures.

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