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Trademark Lawyers Australia – Proposal to expand .au domain name registration

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the authority responsible for .au domain names, has issued  draft recommendations which include a proposal to allow Australian entities and individuals to register domain names directly under .au to permit names which are shorter, more appealing and more memorable.

At present, registration is permissible only as .au second level domains (2LDs). Those 2LDs open to the general public are,,, and There are also closed 2LDs, namely for educational institutions, for government bodies and for the sole use of the Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organisation. The other type of 2LDS are Community Geographic Domain Names (CGDNs) which are reserved for use by community groups and only Australian geographic place names may be registered.

Other proposals are to allow greater flexibility in the period of domain name licence from 1-5 years (rather than the current 2 year period) and permit greater flexibility in enforcement of the current policy prohibiting registration of misspelt brand names.

The closing date for submissions and completing the online survey is 30 September 2015.