Benefits of our Services

Trademark Lawyers and Attorneys Sydney Australia

What others do

Many Trade Mark Attorney firms and Law firms tend to be reactive and respond to your trade mark needs as a particular issue or problem arises. There are other businesses which offer online trade mark registration services, but they merely take orders and add minimal value. Government agencies encourage businesses to register their names and trade marks, but cannot provide advice.

How Selfmark adds value

Selfmark Trade Mark Attorneys & Lawyers fills the gap and gives you the tools to identify what you need to register and to understand the registration process. We are easy to deal with, provide strategic advice and show you how to effectively do this yourself with cost savings to your business. Selfmark gives you autonomy and puts you in control so that you can be a step ahead of your competitors,

Many businesses already file their own trade mark applications, rather than retain the services of a professional advisor. IP Australia has made significant efforts to attract self-filers and this trend will continue, particularly through improvements in electronic processes. Selfmark shows you how to take advantage of this.

Cost effectiveness

Selfmark appreciates that many micro and small businesses do not have the resources to retain expensive professional advisors to handle their trade mark registration work and get little benefit from online service providers. Other businesses can also achieve cost savings by managing their trade marks in house and retaining Selfmark to provide their staff with training and support.

Ongoing support

There can be pitfalls but, with guidance from Selfmark, you can “do it yourself” and achieve effective trade mark protection. For more complex cases or if you encounter difficulty, Selfmark is available to represent your business and provide ongoing advice and support as required.

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