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Trademark Attorney Australia – IP Australia Report 2015

IP Australia Report 2015

IP Australia published its Australian Intellectual Property Report 2015 which can be viewed here .

Trade mark filings increased by 2% in 2014. Of these, 65% were filed by Australian residents which is an increase from 2013. Filings from residents of New South Wales and Victoria continue to account for the majority of filings, but there was a notable increase from Western Australian residents. Non-resident filings decreased slightly with most originating from the USA, UK and Germany. US businesses accounted for 32% of all non-resident applications and this equates to 11% of all applications filed in 2014. There was a notable decrease in filing from the Netherlands.

Filing by Australian residents of trade mark applications in other countries steadily increased in 2012 and 2013. The top three overseas destinations in 2013 were the USA, China and New Zealand with the USA receiving 19% of all applications and overtaking China as the top destination.