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Trademark Attorney Australia – IP Australia Report 2014

IP Australia Report 2014

IP Australia published its Australian Intellectual Property Report 2014 on 26 April 2014. This report shows that trade mark filings continue to be relatively flat with a minor increase in 2013, particularly due to more classes being covered in applications. Australian residents continue to file the majority of trade mark applications (about 63% in 2013), but non-resident filings increased by about 8% in 2013 with significant increases from China, Switzerland and South Korea. The largest non-resident filings continue to be from the USA which accounted for about 33% of all non-resident filings in 2013. There were 1401 trade mark oppositions filed in 2013. 409 decisions were issued in 2013 (202 following a hearing and 207 on the written record). Only 28 of these 409 decisions were appealed. Given the typical time frame of 1-2 years to decide oppositions, these decisions would have related to oppositions filed in 2012 or earlier.

Design rights are typically under-utilised in Australia and IP Australia has, on 29 October 2014, published a report on the market for designs.

The first release of the Intellectual Property Government Open Data (IPGOD) project was published on 8 October 2014. This provides free online access to data on IP rights collected by IP Australia over the last 100 years and is to be updated annually.

 The report can be found on IP Australia’s website here .