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Trademark Attorney Australia – IP Australia Report 2013

IP Australia Report 2013

The Australian Intellectual Property Report published by IP Australia here  reveals some interesting statistics.

 While world trade in intellectual property (IP) is rising, there has been no real growth in Australia with IP related transactions remaining steady over the past decade. It appears that Australian investment in innovation is below that of other developed countries.

 Trade mark filings have been trending upwards following the drop attributable to the Global Financial Crisis. The majority of new applications filed in 2012 were from Australian residents (66%). The USA continues to dominate filings from overseas, with filings from the UK, China and Japan increasing in 2012. New applications from European residents declined over the same period.

 For trade mark applications filed by Australian residents in 2012, the majority originate from NSW and Victoria, but there was a significant increase from South Australia and Queensland.

 The major overseas markets for trade mark applications filed by Australian residents in 2012 were China (19%), New Zealand (17%) and USA (15%), with a further 20% spread across other countries in Asia. The significant growth over the past few years has been in China. These trends suggest a shift in focus by Australian businesses toward Asian markets.