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Trademark Attorney Australia – IP Australia Consultation Paper – Streamlining IP processes

Consultation paper on streamlining IP processes

IP Australia has released a consultation paper on proposals to streamline IP processes and support small business. Submissions need to be made by 7 April 2015.

The paper discusses various options and proposals including:

  1. renewal grace periods,
  2. timing of renewals payments,
  3. removing the requirement to issue trade mark renewal notices where the owner is represented by an attorney firm,
  4. introducing a formal procedure for re-examination of accepted trade mark applications and registrations while retaining the current 12 month post registration period for revocation of registered trade marks,
  5. reducing the acceptance period for trade mark applications from 15 months to 6 months, expanding grounds for deferment, and aligning extension provisions with other IP rights,
  6. simplifying requirements for filing documents,
  7. abolishing publication of printed journals and relying on publishing by electronic means so that there is a single source of information,
  8. permitting limited self service administrative amendments,
  9. removing the requirement to issue certificates and for customers to download extracts of the Register,
  10. Aligning address for service requirements across all IP rights,
  11. Providing better protection against unjustified threats and allowing additional damages where blatant and unjustified threats are made,
  12. Amending the intention to use provision to accommodate transfer of trade mark application rights to any body corporate not just those that are about to be constituted.
  13. Permitting Customs seizure notices to be delivered electronically,
  14. Permitting the Professional Standards Board to publish personal information of registered attorneys, and
  15. Extending the time period for commencing proceedings for all criminal offences by registered attorneys and incorporated attorneys to five years.

The consultation paper may be viewed on IP Australia’s website here